We could not fly to Italy just to taste their food. The delicious cuisines and the variety of tastes are the best part of Italian food. If you want to try the food then here is the list of the 10 best Italian food in Los Angeles. As their food is rich in pasta, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Cheese, cold cuts, and wine are central to Italian cuisine, and along with pizza and coffee form part of Italian gastronomic culture which you can feel there.

Our favorite place to go for a taste of Italy is in the city.

Not only Italian From Thai Town to Little Ethiopia, but Los Angeles is also one of the most passionate culinary cities. New York City is known for its unlimited quantity of best  Italian food, Los Angeles is also home to some amazing hand-made pasta, and wood-fired pizzas with refreshing antipasto. If you are looking for a fancy and romantic dinner spot to celebrate more, Los Angeles is full of combinations with Italian cuisine.
So how do you choose the best Italian food?
Los Angeles has a huge number of restaurants.
To avoid falling into a tourist trap or sitting down to eat somewhere without homemade pasta.

Check out the list of the best Italian restaurants in Los Angeles below!

Bestia #1 - One of Best  Italian Food

Bestia #1

2121- E, 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Here you get the best Italian food in Los Angeles. Bestia pays homage to contemporary Italian restaurants that combine cutting-edge cooking methods with structures that date back hundreds of years.

The hard-edged style of the area emphasizes the restaurant’s name, which is Italian means beast.

A raw-copper top bar and a wallpaper featuring bar fight weapons contribute to the violent yet amusing atmosphere of the room.

Bestia, a company run by Ori Menashe and Genevieve Geris, is a result of their partnership.

Angelini Osteria #2

Angelini Osteria #2

7313 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Angelini is an Italian staple located on Beverly Boulevard, Angelini Osteria from Chef Gino in Los Angeles. With a brand new location in Pacific Palisades, Angelini Osteria establishes Italian cuisine work of art when it makes decadence out of simple ingredients. For lunch and dinner, the outside yard creates a quiet and peaceful haven away from Beverly Boulevard’s bustle.

The wood-burning pieces are a delicious starter, and the white pizza with black summer truffle is certain to pique the interest of those who like luxurious aspects of life. The swordfish carpaccio and ahi tuna tartare appetizers are both tasty and fresh options if you’re in the mood for something lighter. Of course, you must order pasta if you visit Angelini Osteria. The Tagliolini Limone is a dish is brimming with zesty flavor, and even better is picking up a jar of Limone sauce to go so you can perfect it at home.

Forma #3

Forma #3

Here you get the best Italian food in Los Angeles. Forma Restaurant has two sites on the Westside of Los Angeles. One of the original locations is off Montana Street in Santa Monica, and the second is in Venice. In addition to being a restaurant, the Santa Monica location is a cheese bar, with a huge variety of soft, hard, and actual vegan cheeses. Forma has a solid happy hour, If you’re looking to dine earlier in the evening, allowing visitors to want discounted bites with $7 glasses of wine.

There is a large selection of appetizers to choose from at Forma with vegetarians and vegans of the menu dedicated to veggie-based dishes. Some menu highlights include the mustard and herb butter filet mignon, filet of sole, and branzino.

Ospi #4

Ospi #4

Ospi located in the heart of Venice is a charming restaurant the street from the beach. It serves lunch, brunch, and dinner. Ospi provides locals and visitors with can enjoy best Italian food with a modern twist. The crusts of the pizzas are renowned for being extremely thin and inspired by Tonda Romana’s cooking methods.

The crispy provolone may be the most well-known and adored appetizer, known for its gooey pull that has gained popularity on Instagram. Pasta dishes like the fiery rigatoni and classic spaghetti provide a sense of Italy to the West Coast, while butter chicken parmesan is the ideal protein choice. Like any excellent Italian restaurant, Ospi has a good selection of wines, but it also offers a wide variety of libations on its cocktail menu.

Felix Trattoria #5

1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Felix Trattoria is a modern Italian restaurant in Venice, California.

The restaurant is on Abbot Kinney Boulevard near Plant Food + Wine. This restaurant tries to make every diner feel lucky when they come in.

Every customer receives attractive and filling dishes prepared by Felix Trattoria using regional Italian culinary techniques and ingredients cultivated in California.

Osteria Mozza #6

Osteria Mozza #6

6602 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Here you get the best Italian food in Los Angeles. Osteria Mozza is a deluxe Italian restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The restaurant is available for dinner with dessert five nights a week.

Osteria’s second location is in Los Cabos, Mexico, in Los Angeles. and its owner is Nancy Silverton and founder of the famous LA bakery La Brea Bakery.

The Factory Kitchen #7

The Factory Kitchen# 7

1300 Factory Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013

The Factory Kitchen is a space that serves housemade pasta and other traditional Italian dishes with an open-spaced reclaimed factory.

The Factory Kitchen wins Michelin Bib Gourmand Award in 2019.

Factory Kitchen has housemade Casonzei pasta with pork sausage or slow-roasted pork belly.

Rossoblu #8

Rossoblu #8

CITY MARKET SOUTH, 1124-San Julian St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Rossoblu is a fresh variation of Italian cuisine serving a bolognese-inspired menu, housemade pasta, and Italian wines.

Rossoblu is in the fashion district, surrounded by clothing stores and boutiques.

Rossoblu is a specific homage to its Italian heritage.

The menu has homemade pasta, house-butchered meats, market-fresh produce, seafood fritto misto, and chicken.

Union Restaurant #9

Union Restaurant #9

37 East Union Street, Pasadena California 91103

Here you get the best Italian food in Los Angeles. Union Restaurant is a rural brick-walled Italian bar serving farm with table meals.

Union is directly down the street from Memorial Park and the Armory Center of the Arts which is perfect for eating behind the park or seeing a performance.

The restaurant serves seasonally Californian variations of Northern Italian cuisine. Chef Chris Keyser’s menu cooks simple and elegant.

Osteria La Buca #10

Osteria La Buca #10

5210 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Osteria La Buca is an Italian bar with airy decor, serving original Italian staples utilizing local ingredients.

The restaurant is on Melrose Hill around the Hollywood Forever Cemetery & the Hollywood Historic Hotel.

Osteria La Buca focuses on providing Italian easy food, and California-farmed natural and sustainable business procedures.

The restaurant runs on the core values of honesty, hospitality, and integrity.

Osteria is for lunch and dinner, so everything is made in-house, including the pasta, crispy brussels sprouts, and the Nero spaghetti, but try more on the menu.


These best Italian food restaurants are the best for tasting the flavors of Italy as this country is rich in different flavors you can check out their most loved dishes and the fusion of foods. For more foody or interesting blogs visit our page and also share your experience with us.

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