Japan is the most advanced and clean country in the world, Same as for its technology, the food is also too good and healthy. If you are curious to know about Japanese Restaurants in Los Angeles? then read the full blog as here we share the list of best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles. Through this, you can taste the Japanese food in Los Angeles.

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Best Japanese Restaurant in Los Angeles

The city is a haven for cultures in the world, all eager to share their cuisine with you. You will find every food possible in LA, but no best Japanese food here than sushi. The best sushi Los Angeles offer is available on nearly every street corner.

Many Best Japanese restaurants also offer inventive cocktails, a beautiful atmosphere, and an attentive staff to help you find your new favorite role. Read on as we cover the best Japanese restaurants in LA to enjoy sushi while visiting this gorgeous city.

Osen Izakaya #1

2903 W Sunset Blvd, CA 90026 (Los Angeles) United States

Osen Izakaya’s best Japanese Restaurant is the buzzing energy of a day’s work well done, In Japan, street corners are places where new and existing ties are strengthened. The air is filled with the hazy aroma of charcoal grilling Japanese food, as well as the chatter and laughter of friends and family. Izakayas are the ideal setting for a special supper due to their abundance of liquor and simple, traditional cuisine.

With the greatest Japanese sake and the freshest seafood available, Izakaya Osen brings and elevates the genuine tastes and flavors of Japan to Silverlake and, as of recently, Irvine. We offer premium sushi and sashimi, a raw bar, and Japanese fusion meals that are brand-new, distinctive, and original to Southern California’s culinary scene. So come on, please. Continue to stay. Likewise, enjoy our “Stay-Drink”

Q Restaurant, Los Angeles #2

521 W 7th St, CA 90014 (Los Angeles)

Phone: (213) 225-6285

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Q The Best Japanese Restaurant menus showcase Chef Hiro’s variation of artisan Edo-style sushi. Offerings vary seasonally and feature with highest quality selections. Chef Hiro starts with tsunami before serving numerous sashimi and nigiri sushi courses. Chef Hiro considers his rice best as the fish, which reflects decades of acquiring a precise balance of red vinegar with sea salt. Chef Hiro employs varied strategies to coax optimal flavor profiles from the fish, with aging, curing, and adjusting temperatures before serving. Chef Hiro seeks to harmonize size, appearance, temperature, texture, and taste in every dish. With Chef Hiro modulating these quiet variables, you must only put your trust in his hands and savor each bite.

They offer a curated selection of fine shakes, craft beers, and wines. Our knowledgeable servers guide your choice and suggest sake flights or pairings throughout the entire menu.

It’s an ideal location for date nights, special experiences, or if you’re looking to treat yourself while you’re in Los Angeles Given.

You can expect with it a quiet, relaxing, and delicious meal.

Daichan #3

11288 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604 (Los Angeles)

Phone: (818) 980-8450

Best Japanese Restaurant

Dai-chan is the best Japanese Restaurant in Los Angeles. Their food is tasty, attractive, and serving. It’s not your moderate sushi place, rather it has home-style Japanese food also. The décor is fun with excellent service.

The Brothers Sushi #4

Woodland HillsJapanese

21418 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, California 91364

Phone: (818) 456-4509

As a lunch splurge, Mark Okuda created a flawless rainbow of seafood consisting of sweet shrimp and uni for $50. In 2018, Okuda, a longtime chef at Asanebo in Studio City, assumed control of this Woodland Hills sushi institution. He preserved the name but changed the complete menu. He has continued to operate despite the catastrophe, providing patio-side omakase, putting together color wheels of sushi for takeout, and coming up with ways to showcase sashimi.

Sushi Gen #5

422 E 2nd St, CA 90012 Los Angeles

Phone: (213) 617-0552

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Sushi Gen is the best Japanese Restaurant in Los Angeles and people recommended Japanese food restaurants in Toronto. Their highly experienced chefs with knowledge and skills in the Japanese culinary world bring the best Japanese culinary experience.

We carefully choose and utilize the best ingredients to prepare every dish to give you that original taste of Japan, that attracts you back for more!

Their staff here at Sushi Gen will bring you the warmest welcome, whether you are a regular or a first-time customer. Their top priority is striving you the finest customer service every time. We ensure you have the ultimate dining experience with it!

Hayato #6

1320 E. 7th St. Suite 126, Los Angeles, California 90021

(213) 395-0607

In a year when many Japanese chefs started serving their customers lavishly packaged dinners, Brandon Hayato Go had already established an impossibly high bar. Hayato is Brandon Hayato Go’s unique interpretation of modern Japanese cuisine. It combines traditional Japanese cooking methods with seasonal products and carefully chosen ceramics. On the first of every month, reservations become available at 10 a.m. Go prepares roughly 70 Bentos each week that can be picked up on Saturdays or Sundays.

Sushi Park #7

8539, Sunset Blvd -20, CA 90069

Phone: (310) 652-0523

Sushi” is a natural and healthful meal from the Best Japanese Restaurant with healthy nutrition such as fibers, proteins, carbs, and lower calories.

“Sushi Park” will be performed as a mid-high class best Japanese restaurant offering a clean, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere for dining.

Their purposes are to serve delicious and fresh higher quality food, which will engage to build customer traffic with their satisfaction.

Sushi Zo #8

Multiple Locations

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This restaurant is the best Japanese Restaurant in Los Angeles and features omakase, a Japanese-style chef’s favorite meal, which permits us to present customers with selections that describe the seasons.

Sushi Zo chooses the best quality and freshest natural ingredients, from trusted local and worldwide sources.

Their price is meticulously cooked, flavored with a unique blend of vinegar, and served at body temperature, to make the perfect partner.

Each day, seafood products are carefully selected, cooked, and served in their prime flavor. Many of Their nigiri, use perfectly matched seasoning, which may have unique soy sauce, sea salt, yuzu, and other ingredients.

Their dishes are presented one time, at the perfect moment with flavor, temperature, and texture. This allows customers to appreciate the real essence of Sushi Zo.

Asanebo #9

11941 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

Phone: (818) 760-3348

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From the outside, Asanebo looks like any other modest sushi restaurant in an American strip mall. But once you’re inside, it’s experiencing something unique.

For the past thirty years, chef Tetsuya Nakao has provided outstanding Japanese cuisine from this charming site just south of the LA River.

Michelin stars were awarded to Asanebo in 2008 and 2009 for their exquisitely creative, delectable, and delicate cuisine.

Asanebo is unapologetically conventional, depending on the staples that have helped spread the popularity of sushi in America. You must try the toro, the fresh Japanese scallops, and the sweet shrimp.

Prepaid pickup alternatives are available from Asanebo if you don’t have time to eat in. Even a bottle of sake is available.

Ootoro Sushi #10

232 E 2nd St E, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: (213) 278-0056

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One of the best places in Los Angeles to find freshly made, expertly prepared sushi and sashimi is Ootoro Sushi in Little Tokyo.

Check out this location, and while you’re here, pick up a good bottle of sake. The hand roll boxes you may use to build your sushi rolls are your favorite items to order.


Japanese dishes are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, and good cholesterol. Must visit these Japanese restaurants for delicious food and don’t forget to review them below and share your experience. For more amazing blogs visit our official site https://uslatests.com/blog/2/.

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