Wants to explore the food world in the United States? The United States is the land of food. Which food do you want to eat? There are a lot of options for food, delicious cuisines, and many things. You will experience the best food there with multiple beverage options. From the sea lobster-filled to the shining sea with piece measures leaning towards the excessively foody. Many travelers or foodie people visit multiple places to taste adventurous or new cuisines.

Food is an essential element of our life, although it become one of the unique and delicious parts of our lives. From organic farms to the dining table with unique and innovative ideas dishes were presented by the chefs. In the U.S. it’s very common and from vegetarian dishes to delightful fast food staples like hot dogs and cheeseburgers all are the best food in this country. The different city has their culinary world. They present their food in their style. For different tastes, you don’t have to travel around to many places just at one place you will make to different cuisines of that city. 10 of the best foodie cities in the US are mentioned in this blog.

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Best Foodie Cities in the US

The best part of food is its nutrition and specialty, which is from its cultural touch. Fast food is the same, but the taste is different from area to area due to changes in the species of that area. The staple food of each area is different and its taste also varies. There are a lot of restaurants that win multiple awards for their best dishes. The food is not only preferred by the taste but also the nutrition. If the food is without nutrition then there is no need to eat that food. Organic and delicious food is best and you can also experience the taste in the U.S. The prices of the dishes may vary due to the place where you are eating like a restaurant or on the street and many more. The most known factor that influences the price of a dish is the grocery price and that depends upon the availability of that product. If you are a foodie, you are well-known about the factor that being a foodie is expensive. Most people like to eat at street food stalls rather than the home kitchens. Now it become a lifestyle and hobby to eat different food. While tasting different food you will indulge in different cultures also. Many factors determine the list of best foodie cities in the US and here is the list.

#1 New York City, New York

In the list of best foodie cities in the US New York City is number one because of its delicious food and cuisines. New York City has multiple cultured people living in the same place. Here you can enjoy the different cuisines within its 300-square-mile radius. The Big Apple is the nickname of New York City and over 70 Michelin-starred restaurants, starting from the dining locations like Le Bernardin to more low-key (and still delicious) plagues like Jeju Noodle Bar. Don’t be caught by all the Michelin because there are a lot of tasty street side foods too.

Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown-authentic murky aggregate with delicious bagels.
  • Katz’s a Jewish delis-streak plus meat-piled sandwiches.
  • Manhattan- serves Feast your course via the five boroughs.
  • Astoria and Jackson Heights- serve original Greek and Himalayan food, respectively.
  • Brooklyn’s Greenpoint- serves Polish bakeries like Syrena.
  • Staten Island-offer city’s best Italian food.

#2 New Orleans, Louisiana

In the list of best foodie cities in the US New Orleans is second on the number and this city offers diverse cuisines as its cultural influences are from Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. With the food, drinks are also available at different places.
Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • The Big Easy-big on flavor.
  • Johnny’s Po-Boys-since 1950 deliver delicious cuisines.
  • Sammy’s Food Services & Deli-local fave.
  • Gumbo Shop-dig in at this restaurant.
  • Jambalaya-best dishes of Chef’s
  • Creole House-crawfish etouffee
  • Verti Marte-27/4 open and muffulettas
  • Cafe Du Monde-sugar-covered beignets
  • The Sazerac Bar at The Roosevelt Hotel-NOLA’s most iconic cocktail.

#3 Chicago, Illinois

In the list of best foodie cities in the US Chicago is in third number and the people of Chicago are more passionate about their deep-dish pizzas and their, ahem, unique ketchup-free hot dogs. This city also has over 50 James Beard Award winners and 20+ Michelin-star-awarded restaurants. An area is a 24,000-square-foot place of delicious foods.
Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • Pequod’s and Jimmy’s Red Hots-respectively both offer the best dishes.
  • Alinea-this has multicourse tasting menus.
  • Chicago Winery-one restaurant, one bar, and one event space.
  • Jonathon Sawyer-fire shows kitchen helmed by James Beard Award winner.

#4 San Francisco, California

In the list of best foodie cities in the US San Francisco is in fourth number. For sure it’s a tech innovative place but this also offers impressive cuisine. Ferry Building Marketplace is one of the famous streets of food, where residents loved food vendors like Acme Bread Company, El Porteño Empanadas, Dandelion Chocolate, Donut Farm, and Hog Island Oyster Company, which offer delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Visit there is not perfect without tasting the food of Josey Baker Bread and Boudin Bakery’s Sourdough and Taqueria Cancún’s Mission burritos.

Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • Atelier Crenn-Haute French cuisine and swanky space.
  • Mister Jiu’s-contemporary Chinese-American fare.
  • Lazy Bear-modern American dinner party.

#5 Houston, Texas

In the list of best foodie cities in the US Houston is in the fifth number and no surprise this city delivers delicious cuisines. Here many acclaimed chefs served authentic and tasty dishes to their customers.

The meals offering truck is most famous and also wins the award for Coreanos and here you can enjoy Korean-Mexican fusion like Korean barbeque tacos and numerous more.

Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • Hawker Street Food Bar- serves Viet-Cajun fusion, Crawfish & Noodles, and American cooking- area at Post Market.
  • ChópnBlok- serves West African meals.
  • East Side King- serves Japanese street food like pork buns and beet house fries.

#6 Tucson, Arizona

In the list of best foodie cities in the US Tucson is in the sixth number because of the delicious foods and this city is also considered a UNESCO City of Gastronomy in 2015. The staple food here is prickly pear margaritas.

Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • Tucson restaurants-locally sourced elements into their drinks and dishes. With 85+ bars and restaurants
  • Boca- Guided by James Beard finalist Maria Mazon and serves its delicious tacos and salsa aviation.
  • New Blue Front- serves beverages along with some snacks, orange wines, cocktails, made-from-scratch tarts, and eggs.

#7 Cleveland, Ohio

In the list of best foodie cities in the US Cleveland is in the seventh number and has an underrated albeit diverse food set fueled by nearby farmsteads, regional producers, and trailblazing cooks. This city’s food is considered safe and 100+ diverse cultures make up this city.

Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • Orale!- Local vendors serve Contemporary Mexican Cuisine, Pierogi Palace, and Frank’s Bratwurst.
  • Crepes de Luxe- serve the best cuisines and their food is delicious
  • Slavic Village-including murky sum in Asia Town and pierogies.
  • Pearl’s Kitchen- serves top-notch comfort food
  • Yonder- serve delectable brunch.
  • Cleveland Cold Brew-serve coffee and pastries.

#8 Asheville, North Carolina

In the list of best foodie cities in the US Asheville is in the eighth number because of its constantly evolving culinary scene. There are 120+ restaurants and each offers something special dishes.

Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • Chai Pani- serves delicious Indian street dishes like crispy pakoras, chicken tikka rolls, and butter chicken at a beautiful place.
  • Cúrate-James Beard Award winner worth visiting is a modern restaurant lodged in a 1927-era bus station doing delicious Spanish tapas.
  • Buxton Hall Barbecue-best is known for its pulled pork.

#9 Louisville, Kentucky

In the list of best foodie cities in the US Louisville is in the ninth number and this is best known for its bourbon, exciting food. This city has 2,500 restaurants plus several award-winning chefs. The Hot Brown is the signature dish of Louisville City and many perfect dishes are invented at the Brown Hotel. One of them is a delicious open-face sandwich that is made up of turkey, bacon, tomatoes, and Mornay sauce smothered on Texas toast. Louisville City serves delight to food and drink enthusiasts.

Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • Urban Bourbon Trail serves Louisvlle’s best bourbon bars and restaurants and their famous delicious dishes are well-known here.
  • Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar- get beverages with drinks.
  • Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen-best dishes along with drinks at your preference.
  • Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse & Raw Bar- best dish at your preference.

#10 Greenville, South Carolina

In the list of best foodie cities in the US Greenville is in the tenth number and the city made itself from a soft cotton mill town to a dynamic city chock full of unique culinary offerings rivaling bigger nearby residents like Charlotte and Asheville.

Restaurants for Delicious Food

  • The camp offers a strange menu featuring unique dishes like Thai-inspired calamari and lamb smothered in curry cream.
  • Methodical Coffee-Feast on fresh seafood at the cutlery Great Jones.
  • Scoundrel-a fantastic French brassiere headlined by a great chef.
  • Greenville native Joe Cash-City’s newest haunt for stop craving.
  • Topsoil Kitchen & Market-farm-to-table fan-favorite-James Beard Award semifinalist Adam Cooke.
  • Comal 864-Mexican eatery-James Beard Award semifinalist owned by Dayna Lee-Márquez.


All these restaurants offer delicious food along with drinks or beverages and these are the best foodie cities in the US which are mentioned above. Foods are the best thing to explore for me and many of you. Sometimes the food at restaurants and food on the streets are very different in serving and sometimes in taste too but both of them are the most delicious. The price of the dish also varies as street food may be cheaper than the restaurant. For more interesting blogs visit our official website and remember to share your thoughts in the comment box.

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