A wedding is among the most beautiful memories in an individual’s life with lots of new experiences. In every country traditions and ceremonies may differ from culture to culture but the feelings are the same. It’s a tie of two persons who want to live together lifelong with the blessing of elders and God. The purpose of an expensive wedding is mainly to show off and satisfy the need of a wealthy person this is just one there are other reasons too.

Cost of weddings of all time

It’s evident that a wedding cost is higher as plans and budget doesn’t help to reduce it must protect you from the extra expenses of last time. All want to make their wedding as memorable as an event. More making for memorable Groom and Bride do lots of things like expensive venues and limited collection of clothes. Some events can be over-price in a wedding that are pre-wedding shoots and theme weddings. Here we are sharing the list of the most expensive weddings and tell the reason behind them and who’s the wedding is that? Keep reading ahead.

1) Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's

1) Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's expensive wedding

One of the most expensive weddings costing $100 million is of the royal family member of Dubai Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan wedding to Sheikha Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan in 1981. They built a special stadium for 20,000+ guests along with camels for carrying the gifts. 30+ private jets are there in service to guests and this wedding a long holiday for a person lasted a full week. His net worth is billions as he is the leader of the UAE, and the wedding cost is just a drop from the bucket.

2) Anand Piramal and Isha Ambani

Asia’s most affluent person daughter wants to knot the tie with a billionaire tycoon’s son in 2018 three different events cost around $100 million cost. One is an engagement party in Lake Como, Italy followed by Udaipur palace for a sangeet party, and finally at Ambani residence wedding ceremony.

On this 100-chartered flight, a private show with Beyonce and high-profile persons invited like Hillary Clinton, Arianna Huffington, Nick Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra. This wedding lasted for four days.

3) Sushant Roy and Seemanto Roy's weddings

A double wedding celebration in the family of Subrata Roy, chairman of Sahar India Pariwar knot tie with Sushanto with Richa Ahuja and Seemanto with Chandni Toor. For entertainment, there is music by the British Symphony Orchestra while famous Indian choreographer Shiamak Davar took center stage with world-class dancers. A delicious collection of over 100 different cuisines were offered not just to the 11,000 guests, but also to 150,000 homeless individuals too in addition they also financed the marriages of 101 needy girls as part of the celebrations that make it the most expensive wedding.

4) Gulraj Behl and Shristi Mittal

Shristi Mittal is the niece of Lakshmi Mittal a steel magnate who married Gulraj Behl an investment banker in 2013 cost an estimated $ 73.5 million in Barcelona they arranged the confidentiality of the celebration for some 500 guests at the celebrations but still the news leaked to the public.

A report of Times of India reported that 200 chefs, butlers, and their subsidiaries were flown into Spain from India and Thailand and ordered to treat each guest to their desired food the couple also cut the six-tier cake that weighed 60kg while for coverage of an over-all wedding, helicopters flew over the venue.

5) Rajeev Reddy and Brahmani Janardhana Reddy

A marriage celebration can cost $66.8 million one of the most expensive weddings in India during the time of demonetization in 2016 Mining tycoon Gali Janaradhan Reddy one and only girl Brahmani Janardhana Reddy to Rajeev Reddy son of Hyderabad-based businessman invited 50,000 guests. This wedding is stated expensive because of the bride herself as she wore a Kanjeevaram sari of $ 2.3 million worth and jewelry of $ 12 million other reasons are the silver Ganesha figure (Indan God) and an LCD screen of the choreographed song featuring the entire Reddy family.

6) Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal

The steel tycoon of India Lakshmi Mittal was named second time in this list because of his other daughter Vanshika Mitttal’s luxurious wedding cost $55 million held in 2004 to Amit Bhatia owner of Hope Construction Materials company. The reason for the cost is that The Palace of Versailles in France, where many Bollywood celebrities appeared names are Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Rani Mukherjee, and Saif Ali Khan along with it mandap decorated floated in a pond in Vaux le Vicomte and a private performance was given by Kylie Minogue.

7) Prince Charles and Lady Diana

In 1981 Prince Charles and Lady Daina knot their ties in a beautiful relationship called a wedding and you can also say that one of the most expensive weddings worth $48 million at that time. On that day an official holiday was declared by the United Kingdom and the wedding was watched by 750 million on television and 3500 attended it personally. The venue of this at the Church of England officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie.

8) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle knot tie in 2018 at the venue of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and the sermon by the Reverend Michael Bruce Curry. This is one of the most expensive weddings worth $45.8 million as the engagement venerated diamond rings crafted by Cleave and Company, the royal court jewelers. The decoration of flowers outside the venue and inside was way more luxurious and hire the reflector marquee for the evening reception lastly Meghan’s Givenchy dress.

9) Prince William and Kate Middleton

In 2011 a royal wedding takes place worth $34 million knot the tie of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The church services are associated with music and flowers along with luxurious decorations, the blowout, and the reason for the expense of security and the Duchess’ Alexander McQueen gown.

10) Huang Xiaoming and Angela Yeung Wing

Chinese actress Angela Yeung Wing knotted the tie with actor Huang Xiaoming in a grand ceremony that cost $ 31 million and was held in 2015. The pre-wedding shoot was held in Paris, the ceremony was live-streamed online, and a ten-feet cake was in one of the most expensive weddings in China. The gown she wore was crafted out of 115 feet of ivory satin organza and 165 feet of tulle and the value of her wedding band was $1.5 million.


Here are the most expensive weddings named above and the reason behind their expense that stated is too short and there are some other reasons too. By reading this you can also say that the expense of every item of a wedding was very high and the focus was on the qualitative with extra money work and the matter of money was not the concern because of their royalty. For more interesting topics visit our page and also share your thoughts on this topic.

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