Gaming become a career platform too as in gaming lot of programming languages are used and written in them. In today’s blog, we share the most interesting topic that is not released yet in this blog we share the important new features of the game The Zelda. In this, the whole story and how to play this game full information is gathered together. The player role is important in this game as many characters are there positive and negative. There are also some interesting features that you love let’s check the full information of this game without wasting the time.

The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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The upcoming game took the craze among youngsters just by its announcement on 8 February by Nintendo Direct, it is a series of online presentations or live shows produced by Nintendo, an information site where upcoming stories and new releases are presented in advance.

The idea of the game:-

  • The timeless struggle between light and darkness revolves around Princess Zelda showing the reality of the world and trying to save and protect Princess Zelda after finding him.
  • The main Idea of this game is about the futuristic view and advanced AI technology which helps improve the imagination of players so they can brainstorm and analyze the facts that they want to do in life.

Details of Game:-

  1. Explore the vast land—and skies—of Hyrule is the title of the gameplay with the adventures across the area of Hyrule and finding ways to explore the landscape for creating a world full of imagination and creativity. Unrealistic things are more that help in excelling the imagination of the player, for example floating islands in the sky and powers to fight against the evil factors who want to harm the kingdom in the game The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
  2. Compatible with the Amiibo feature is about the Amiibo figure will also launch alongside the game on 12th May and some extra features get accessed with him that are weapons, materials, and special fabric for a paraglider.
  3. The Legend of Link formally gets the title of “Hero of Time”, which saves the world from the evil spirit with advanced sword features, and his cooking skills are fabulous.
  4. In the wealth of Weapons, a new player has to protect himself first, for that number of weapons are scattered in Hyrule, it’s up to the player which type of weapon he wants to choose.
  5. From fierce Enemies, lots of evil Chuchus to crafty Bokoblins to swarms of flying Keese to towering Hinox to terrifying Lynels, and many more, with increased level in-game a player faced more powerful enemies.
  6. Decayed Guardians, evils, and guardians are both together in every phase of life, Link has to be called the name of a guardian and ask for help then he uses his ultimate laser power which strengthens the character’s health.
  7. Cool Moves, showing powers and things you do are shield surfing, mid-air shooting, and backflipping with more advanced techniques than we can think by their name are in the game The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
  8. Hunting & Gathering, all manner of wildlife, from grumpy bears to wild boars to elegant bucks to kooky squirrels and more with fishes, bugs and watching them in their natural habitats, and hunting them for ingredients.
  9. Conquering the Great Plateau, a player has chosen his path and he can also choose the way that hero chooses and conquer the four shrines of the Great Plateau.
  10. Dress for Success, Link’s previous green dress is already an iconic look, but now his wardrobe is expanded by the new version with a lot of new dresses of all seasons and for activities, he can also dye his outfit.
  11. Beware the Guardians, exploring the great plateau makes you run on Decayed Guardians, Guardian Stalkers prowl Hyrule in search of poor souls to destroy and Guardian Turrets shoot powerful lasers avoid it when you see it.
  12. Master Sword, the ultimate weapon, and it also double in power against Calamity Ganon, whether this is a master sword of Link but can be taken by the player, if only he has the power to take it, if he doesn’t have that much power then it, itself decline the request.
  13. The Divine Beasts, the four Divine Beasts are fearsome mechanical titans, that have been terrorizing the four tribes of Hyrule but only this when you the more you will know about, the Sheikah, the tribes of Hyrule, the princess, and yourself.
  14. Calamity Ganon is a powerful villain who makes Zelda and Link suffer both mentally and physically across time in the game The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
  15. The Adventure Continues with the Expansion Pass! , which includes the first two DLC packs, the first pack gives you access to the punishing Trial of the Sword, as well as the more difficult Master Mode, and the second pack will provide a whole new story involving the four Champions and a new dungeon.
  16. Link for the pre-booking:- The game is officially up for preorder in the UK, and will now cost £59.99 and $69.99 in the US.
  18. You can make a pre-order on this website and also can get the physical addition booking or vouchers related to this game. In this link, you can also explore the detailed points about the game and also know how to play and how new powers you can capture, and the way to use them.


In the end, we can conclude as all the details mentioned above are about the game which is launched on 12th May The Zelda: tears of the kingdom, hurry and make sure to play this fantastic game. Here we mention all important points for you as the pricing of the game and from where you can pre-order it also put the link above to make sure to visit there if you are interested in this game. When you are going to buy it check the price in dollars and euros is different. This game is as interesting as other PC games and has a unique world. For more interesting blogs to read visit our official website and also share your views below.

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