Where you live and the prices of everything are known to you but when you go to other cities the prices of some products vary which you think is expensive. Here we are listing the top 10 expensive cities in the world which you can check if you live in that city or want to plan a trip to that city. One of the reasons behind the expense of these cities is that they are the most developed and metropolis cities of their respective countries.

The expensive cities in the world to live in were determined by comparing the costs of housing, transportation, food, clothing, and other expenses in a 2022 cost of living study. Check out the most expensive cities in the globe that made the list if you’re looking for a new place to call home, need a vacation, or you’re just plain curious. You’ll discover everything there is to know about the rich history, cultures, and inhabitants of these locations.

World's Most Expensive Cities 2022

Put the boring things aside and get motivated. Whether Tokyo, Geneva, or New York are on your bucket list, you might want to start saving now. In one of the most expensive cities in the world, it could be pricey to start a new life. According to the ECA International ranking, the top ten most expensive cities to live in are shown below.

Hong Kong #1

Hong Kong #1

It comes as no surprise that Hong Kong, one of Asia’s busiest cities, tops the list of the ten most expensive cities to live in. Hong Kong, a region of China, is recognized for luring some of the most successful businessmen in the world, along with thousands of other ex-pats. Hong Kong has reclaimed the title of the most expensive city in the world according to the ECA index.

Dialing code: +852

Area: 1,114 km²

Population: 7.482 million (2020) World Bank

Currency: Hong Kong dollar

Continent: Asia

The next city on the list is the American concrete jungle of New York ranked at 2 among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. The “land of opportunity,” New York, the only city in North America to make the top 10, attracts hordes of tourists from all over the world who are vying for a place in the city. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the city has such high housing costs as a result. Everyone wants a taste of the big apple, after all.

Land area: 783.8 km²

Founded: 1624

Elevation: 10 m

Population: 8.38 million (2020)

Geneva, Switzerland #3

Geneva, Switzerland, the best entrance from Europe, has long been regarded as the height of elegance and luxury. With the best restaurants, a buzzing social scene, and cutting-edge mansions, it is recognized for facilitating the most opulent of lifestyles. After wandering down one of its spotless streets and stopping by a neighboring food store, you won’t be in any doubt as to why it’s one of the most expensive places to live in.

Elevation: 375 m

Area: 15.93 km²

Population: 198,979 (2017) United Nations

Canton: Geneva

London, United Kingdom #4

London has earned the moniker “the city of dreams” by ranking as the fourth most expensive city in the world. Similar to New York, a sizable number of people relocate to the British metropolis in quest of fortune, job opportunities, or simply to live the life that Londoners portray as being so damn nice. You’ll need a lot of money to start a comfortable life for yourself in London because housing and transportation are some of the most expensive in the world.

Area: 1,572 km²

Elevation: 11 m

Population: 8.982 million (2019) Eurostat

Tokyo, Japan #5

Another city that is helping Asia overtake Europe as the continent with the highest concentration of expensive cities is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Tokyo is the nation’s capital, and given that Japan is recognized for having extremely high living expenses, it is no surprise that prices there are the highest. The largest part of expenses is related to rent, closely followed by car ownership and travel expenses. Those sleek, swift bullet trains cost money to ride!

Area: 2,194 km²

Elevation: 40 m

Population: 13.96 million (2021)

Governor: Yuriko Koike

Capital: Shinjuku City

Tel Aviv, Israel #6

Tel Aviv has the highest expensive of living in the entire Middle East. A center for all things luxurious and regal, Tel Aviv is the only city in the Middle East to be listed among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. This raises the expense of living in the city, although it may also be primarily ascribed to the strengthening of the shekel, Israel’s currency.

Area: 52 km²

Age: 113 years

Population: 435,855 (2016) United Nations

Mayor: Ron Huldai

Founded: 1909

Metro population: 3,854,000

Zurich, Switzerland #7

It should not be surprising that not one, but the second rank of Switzerland’s towns are among the ten most expensive places to live given the country’s wealth. In addition to attracting some of the most famous and rich people in the world simply because of the city’s upscale atmosphere, the city boasts some of the highest earnings in the world, which may be tied to all those big banks that have their headquarters there.

Elevation: 408 m

Area: 87.88 km²

Population: 402,762 (2017) United Nations

Canton: Zurich

Shanghai, China #8

Shanghai, China, is not only one of the costliest cities in the world, but it’s also one of the most populous. Two factors that contribute to the city’s high cost of living are the Chinese yuan’s persistent strength versus other significant currencies and the nation’s higher-than-expected rates of inflation.

Area: 6,340 km²

Founded: 1291

Elevation: 4 m

Population: 26.32 million (2019)

Mayor: Gong Zheng

Guangzhou, China #9

Another city on the Chinese mainland, Guangzhou, ranked among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world and rapidly earned a reputation as one of the most expensive places to live. The city is like Shanghai in that it has many of the characteristics that make Shanghai such a costly city to live in. Due to the city’s strong currency, high inflation rates, and the generally high cost of living associated with living in a country with a huge population, even if it is less popular with ex-pats, it is not the cheapest place to unwind.

Area: 7,434 km²

Elevation: 21 m

Population: 15.31 million (31 Dec 2019)

Province: Guangdong Province

Metro population: 65,594,622

Seoul, Korea #10

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, ranks among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. A significant factor in this is the high expense of living in the city and the hefty security deposits that renters are required to pay. It also has to do with the fact that the South Korean currency has tended to perform well since the second half of the 20th century as a result of the stability and growth of the Republic of Korea’s economy. In addition, the country is home to various huge building companies, all of which produce enormous amounts of revenue. It is also one of the largest producers of ships and automobiles in the world.

Area: 605.2 km²

Elevation: 38 m

Population: 9.776 million (2017) United Nations

Mayor: Oh Se-hoon

Founded: 1394


These cities are the most expensive due to their technological perspective and before planning to shift to any of these cities make share to know about the normal expenses. For more interesting topics comment below and visit our website.

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