Do you know how big an airport can be? How many people visit there every day? How many people work there and which facilities are available there? There are a lot of questions that arise when you start to observe a particular area or place as not everyone travels on a per-day basis. There must be different faces every day who visit at the same time. The purpose of travel also varies from person to person. The entry and exit gates are more confusing than you think. What’s my point in telling all these things? The main purpose of the discussion is that today we share the list of the top 5 largest Airports in the United States.

Largest Airports in the United States

The United States is one of the developed countries in which 1.73 million people/ passengers fly per day for their reasons. This mode of transportation is relatively safe and comfortable and has advanced technology and you can reach your destination in just a short span compared to other vehicle facilities. One of the first and oldest airports in the United States is Pearson Field and the top 10 largest airports in the United States are below:

Denver International

1) Denver International Airport (Colorado)

One of the largest airports in the United States Colorado is 52.4 square miles and opened on 28 February 1995. It served over 25 airlines and is known as the hub of the United States Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, Alpine Air Express, Bemidji Airlines, etc. This airport has six runways and four concourses over 35,000 employees are working there. This airport also got titled one of the greenest airports in the country and third place in the list of busiest airports in the world. The facilities during layover are wine and dine, chat with a talkative gargoyle, shop till you want, positivity, get a cultural influence, and many more things.

2) Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Texas

One of the largest airports in the United States is Dallas Fort Worth International Airport located in Texas established on September 23, 1973, in 27 square miles. It served as the hub of Major Airlines named American Airlines, Ameriflight, Southern Airways Express, UPS Airlines, etc. It’s the second busiest airport in the united states and has 5 terminals with 188 gates and now working on exceeding the original capacity in upcoming years. The total number of employees in DFW International Airport is 1,001 to 5,000. The facilities that you can enjoy there are Shopping, Dining, Wi-Fi & Technology, Traveler Lounges, Art at DFW, and Family Friendly Amenities at the terminals. You can also get transportation facilities like DFW Airport Shuttle Tracker, Directions, parking, Rental Cars, and Ground Transportation along with plans of entrances in airlines security checkpoints, customs clearance, connect/transfer, and passenger assistance.

3) Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C.

One of the largest airports in the United States is Dulles International Airport located in Washington D.C. opened on 17 November 1962, in an area of 20.3 square miles this airport serves as one of the major airline hubs with southern airways Express, United Airlines, etc. In this airport, more than 1700 employees work in different segments central administration, airport management, police, and fire departments. There are a lot of facilities at the airports in case of delayed flights and any inconvenience, you can utilize your time in these areas that eat a wide array of cuisine, shop whatever you want, relax in a spa, get connected with wifi or different networks, and get a sleep box lounge that provides sleep cabins that can be booked for short-term and overnight stays. The most interesting thing that they offer is that you can explore the Washington area with your eyes.

4) Orlando International Airport, Florida

One of the largest airports in the United States is Orlando International Airport located in Florida opened in 1981, its per square miles area is 19.68 with the major hub of silver Airways with the focus cities for JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, Avelo Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. The full airport is operated by the CEO appointed by the authority and their staff of 800 approx. full-time employees. There is a lot to do in this airport as Dunkin’ Express, McDonald’s, and Starbucks are open 24/7 in the main terminal and there are other facilities that you can enjoy are hanging out in a lounge, going shopping, taking in some art, go for some nice views and get a wifi service along with the sleeping facility. They also provide nursing rooms/Mamava nursing pods throughout the terminal buildings.

5) George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Texas

One of the largest airports in the United States is George Bush Intercontinental Airport its name after the 41st president of the United States, George Bush, located in Houston, Texas opened on 8 June 1969. This airport is in 15.6 square miles and has a major hub with United Airlines and is a focus city for Spirit Airlines. The total number of employees working there is 3000 and currently, this goes under an expansion program that will be more efficient for people, and more facilities will be added to it like more parking garages, gates, outdoor spaces, and shopping options. All these for further but there are also prevailing facilities that you can enjoy are eating local food, relaxing in lounges, going shopping, can enjoy cheap massages, free live music, and art, and can capture the views with the naked eye along with free wifi.


An airport construction needs a huge landmark then a lot should be kept in mind while construction and the selected area is always big as a lot of planes will fly per day. These are just some of the names of the largest airports in the United States. All of them have their different terms and conditions and charge differently due to the lavishness they provide to passengers. There is a lot to say that some facilities of airports have their prize included in the ticket but we don’t even know them. For more interesting topics visit our site and also give your preferred views on this topic.

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