A coin is the smallest unit of every currency used for buying and selling items. Their roles in transactions are very minor but valuable. In ancient times a different method was used for buying and selling one of them is the barter system during the great depression in the 1930s in which a commodity is purchased or sold in exchange for another commodity. Coins are also in existence at that time but due to some reasons, they are not conquering the country. At that time king ruled the country and persist his coins of gold and silver with their names and symbols of the kingdom. At this time, the value of that coins are high and they are rare to find. In this blog, we study the top 6 rarest coins in the USA.

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Collection of Coins

Heirlooms are a collection of precious things and many people get the hobby of collecting rare coins which helps them to know the historic, and artistic value of a coin along with its king or kingdom and also helps in exploring the things from the deep and expanding their knowledge. In recent years rare coins are used as investment items for long-term profits. If rare coins are stored with proper care value of the same will increase and be in condition to be passed down to future generations. They add diversity to a portfolio in stocks and bonds. Here is the list of the rarest coins in the USA.

1) Coronet Head Gold $20 Double Eagle ( 1849)

James W. Marshall discovered gold in California in 1848 and the Philadelphia mint shipped it in vast volumes of gold for the production of this coin. The designer was James B. Longacre and this coin is the successor of the $10 eagle and one of the rarest coins in the USA. There is the double-eagle on this coin and the pattern reference is known by Judd-117 and Pollock-132. By experts, if this coin was sold at a private auction then its value will be $ 10 million-$ 20 million. Only one coin existed in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian institute.

2) Silver Flowing Hair Dollar ( 1794)

It’s the first coin issued by the US federal government minted in 1794 with the design of a flowing hair dollar. Robert Scot designs its size and weight similar to the Spanish dollar consisting of 90% silver and 10% copper. There is a Lady Liberty on one side and an image of an eagle on the other side. In 2013 this model sold at auction for a record-breaking $10 million and now if the condition of the coin is fine then sold at $165,000 which makes this coin one of the rarest coins in the USA. Around 1,758 coins are in existence.

3) Saint-Gaudens Gold $20 Double Eagle (1933)

One of the rarest coin Saint-Gaudens Gold was designed by Saint-Gaudens, the design is a Lady Liberty carrying a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. President Franklin D. Roosevelt after the great depression banned this coin and melted all of them except two coins but before it, 20 coins are stole and only 15 pieces remain from which one is sold at auction for a staggering $7.59 million in 2002, two of them are at the US National Numismatic Collection and 10 coins are at Fort Knox.

4) Liberty Head Nickel (1913)

In 1913, five Liberty Head nickels were produced by Philadelphia: Olsen, Norweb, McDermott, Eliasberg, and Walton each of them is owned by the worker Samuel Brown and they are one of the rarest coins in the USA and worth more than a million dollars and have a face value of $0.05. Two of them are in museums and the other three are privately owned. The reason for this coin to be this special is because of its Buffalo or American Indian Head nickels instead of Liberty Head nickels that are produced from 1883-1912 in a wide range.

5) S Seated Liberty Dollar (1870)

One of the rarest coins in the USA is the Seated Liberty Dollar with a face value of $ 1. Now in fine condition can be sold at a worth between $540000 and $1300000 and in the open market this coin will be $2400000. In 1870 San Franciso minted this coin and it has an “S” mint mark engraved under the eagle on the back side of the coin only 15 coins are in existence but no official records are there of it in the US.

6) Brasher Gold Doubloon (1787)

One of the rarest coins in the USA is Brasher Gold Doubloon created in 1787 by goldsmith Ephraim Brasher single-handedly with gold alongside copper coins when the state of New York legislature rejected his request to mint new copper coins. There are only five coins in existence of which one was sold at Heritage’s auction in 2005 for $ 2,450,000 and its worth in recent times is $9.36 million. There are hallmarks of Brashers on each coin with the eagle’s breast and other designs.


These are some of the names of the rarest coins in the USA there are other names too which are as follows: 2007 Queen Elizabeth II Maple Leaf Gold Coin, 1804 Silver Dollar, 1344 Edward III Gold Florin, etc. A common feature in all these rare coins is that they are widely used as the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. Mostly on these coins first featured bird was an eagle and the coin was circulated in 1794 the second animal was the bison or buffalo appeared on a nickel from 1913 to 1938. The coins are mostly of precious metals like gold, silver, copper, and other metals. If you have any of them you can try your luck and check whether your coin is original or not and also know the worth of the same. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this topic and for more interesting topics visit our official web page.

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